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Puckin’ Idiot to the max!!!

I’m surprised Phoenix hasn’t tried this yet with a coyote.

Really?  Is he trying to show everybody that he is still young and hip…This is a contract year after all.

NHL KHL or bust!

How does this guy:

Turn into this guy?

What a chump!  A rich chump mind you, but a chump nonetheless.

Dustin Brown is an Idiot.

Posted: 11/24/2011 by puckinidiots in Puckin' Idiot
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Not wanting to be outdone by Craig Smith, and his missed empty net goal.  Dustin Brown thought he would enter the “Biggest Idiot of the Year” race with a little trick I like to call “Dustin Brown can’t find the open end of a water bottle”.

Hey Dustin, thanks for making today’s post an easy one.

Hey Idiots, can we “rap” for a minute?

Like many of you, I play hockey.  Like many of you, I am not good at playing hockey.  Like some of you, I channel that frustration into running a marginally entertaing site about hockey.

I don’t score a lot of goals, so when given the chance, I try to bury it as effectively as possible.  Craig Smith, on the other hand, does not.

Mr Smith, decided to go deep into the bag of tricks and score a nice top shelfer from about 3 feet in front of an empty net.

Except he missed.  The empty net.

Craig Smith is an idiot.

The Ultimate Puckin’ Idiot!!!

Posted: 10/13/2011 by xxxman21 in Puckin' Idiot

The funny thing is, I still like the guy.  He knows his hockey, if not anything else.