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I wonder if Chicago had a player named Happy (or named Haapy) that they inserted into the lineup during their 24 game season opening point streak.


I know that NHL linesmen are freaky good but this is just plain freaky.


Interestingly enough, this is the one thing that the refs aren’t calling this year.


Darren Pang(5’5″) , former Blackhawks Goalie, and current TSN Analyst standing beside Hal Gill (6’7″) and Pekka Rinne  (6’05”).

I say make the rinks even colder.  And Blackhawks players, score more hat tricks…the game needs more of these hard working employees.

Toews = skill

Good for them…and good for everybody watching them.

Look at the way this punk comes sailing across the blue line with his head down, acting like he owns the world.


Lesson. Learned.