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We’ve been asking ourselves the same thing Ovie…What happened indeed.


Hey, that’s gross.

UPDATE:  The Bruins released the following statement:


Last night The Washington Capitals ended the Bruin’s season by defeating them in an exciting overtime game.  Joel Ward scored the goal for the Capitals with a nice backhanded lift over Tim Thomas as Thomas was getting run over by Mike Knuble.

It was a good game, and a great series, that had 5 games go to overtime.  Then some racist a$$holes fired up their twitter machines.  The results were pretty disgusting. I have blacked out parts of the offending word, but left in the “author’s” twitter handle.

More info here.

There is something wrong with people.

As found on Reddit Hockey.


Here’s a little bonus for the Canuck Fan in your life.  Click on the image for the full effect.


And one more, because you’re special.  Scott Hartnell’s impressive goal from yesterday’s win, and elimination of the Penguins.


Mathieu Perreault scores one of Washington’s 2 goals during their 5-2 beatdown at the hands of the streaky Ottawa Senators with his face.

Also, this.

I wasn't aware that Sidney Crosby was such a stallion.

That kid in the Knicks hat is a straight-up baller.


All things considered, it might have been the right choice.  This is a shot from an Ottawa Weather Webcam.

Poor Ovie!  Tisk tisk…I told him to watch out.