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Strong work there TSN, strong work.


So who owes him a new watch?  TSN? The Flyers? Giroux? The little guy in the box with him?


Darren Pang(5’5″) , former Blackhawks Goalie, and current TSN Analyst standing beside Hal Gill (6’7″) and Pekka Rinne  (6’05”).

Hey Ididots.  I am starting a new somewhat regular, most likely not, feature here titled “Today in Bad Headline Puns”.  I’ve come to realize that this kind of thing is really easy to find, which makes my “job” that much easier.

Our first entry comes at the hand of who came up with this truly inspired headline a few weeks ago:

The good news, is that instead of proof reading their own damn news, TSN just fired the guy.  Nice work TSN.