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The sad part is his dancing is actually worse than his goal scoring…take a look at his stats, I didn’t think that was actually possible.

Madison Square Garden is the best rink in the world!!!


Mathieu Perreault scores one of Washington’s 2 goals during their 5-2 beatdown at the hands of the streaky Ottawa Senators with his face.

Also, this.

If you think Ottawa Senator Fans would be classier then this, well “urine” for a suprise.

See what I did there?  Yeah you like that.  I know you do baby.  Seriously though.  Dion Phaneuf is brutal.


Sometime Anthem Singer Tammy Laverty, belting out the Anthem’s at last night’s Senators / Lightning game wearing a dress made out of the Senators Heritage jersey.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This is her earlier in the year, in the Senators Regular Jersey.

And this is their regular Anthem guy.  In a police uniform.

This is an Ottawa – Washington game, not Habs.  I am guessing that his Sens jersey was at the cleaners.

You gotta love his enthusiasm though!

How rude!

What is this.... I don't even...

Courtesy of The 6th Sens.