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If you think Ottawa Senator Fans would be classier then this, well “urine” for a suprise.

See what I did there?  Yeah you like that.  I know you do baby.  Seriously though.  Dion Phaneuf is brutal.


On a day when Crosby related stories are going to be everywhere I thought I’d remind you that Hockey is truly the most awesomest game to ever have been gamed. And there are other Awesome things going on at all times, on all levels of the game.


On a side note, here is a picture of Phil Kessel’s reaction to the news of Crosby coming back to challenge his goal scoring title.




Ray Whitney


Ryan Kessler. I think.


ummm, yeah.


Paul Bisonette


Phil Kessel
Anze Kopitar
Jason Chimera
Matt Cooke