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We’ve been asking ourselves the same thing Ovie…What happened indeed.

Seriously dude, standing in the middle of the road?!?!  They will let you get closer to the Arc de Triomphe, you are a super star after all – or at least you were a super star.

And one last one for all of our fellow puckin’ idiots out there:

I wasn't aware that Sidney Crosby was such a stallion.

That kid in the Knicks hat is a straight-up baller.


All things considered, it might have been the right choice.  This is a shot from an Ottawa Weather Webcam.

I guess I could try to explain this to you, but honestly, I am at a loss for words.


This (2:53)is where it gets truly weird.  And when I say weird, I mean, FUCKED UP.

The translations of Ovechkin’s rap, is as follows:

I played for Dynamo
I have an 8 on my back.
A boy of all stars.
Pay attention to me.
17 years in sport
100 points in a season.
Gold in Canada
in 2008
One of the ten best players
For 10 years
In my arms is a stick
In my head is rap
I give you a hello
Straighta outta Washington

Also, this:


One of these guys did NOT score 50 goals last year. Oh wait, that doesn't make it any easier.