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NHL KHL or bust!

First he puts a shot through the net in the Olympics and now he puts one in from the only seats I can afford at an NHL rink.  Impressive, most impressive, but you are not a true Stanley Cup winner yet.

Hey Idiots, can we “rap” for a minute?

Like many of you, I play hockey.  Like many of you, I am not good at playing hockey.  Like some of you, I channel that frustration into running a marginally entertaing site about hockey.

I don’t score a lot of goals, so when given the chance, I try to bury it as effectively as possible.  Craig Smith, on the other hand, does not.

Mr Smith, decided to go deep into the bag of tricks and score a nice top shelfer from about 3 feet in front of an empty net.

Except he missed.  The empty net.

Craig Smith is an idiot.

Which freaking teams are these?  Seriously, this is the best hockey league in the world, can we not get better uniforms?!?!?  They look like they are from the ECHL.

Oh wait…did I say cooler, I meant which is more disturbing!!!